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You know CBT and EMDR.
We know HTML5 and CSS3.
The perfect website is not just a nice thing to have. It is essential to the success of your practice.

But what exactly is a "perfect website"? For your psychotherapy practice, it is an effective marketing tool that can greatly enhance the success of your practice. It is an attractive, professional, well-written, attention-grabbing, comforting and informational representation of you and your practice that ultimately inspires potential clients or referrers to contact you.

The contrary is also true. A website that is not a great representation of you and your practice may simply not interest visitors who find it - or even turn them away - so that they move on to other therapists' websites. After all, you only have a couple seconds at most to grab someone's attention online. Without the perfect website, you and your potential client might never connect.

The fact is that without an online representation that makes you and your practice stand out among the somewhat saturated psychotherapy market, your practice - your business - is not growing as well as it could be. And potential clients who can benefit from what you have to offer are also losing out!

Why Ignite?

After all, there are scores of web designers and developers out there! Simple. It is hard to match the quality of production, the understanding and knowledge of the psychotherapy community and audience, and the extremely high value of our services. You will receive a fresh, new website that serves as the perfect medium to get those who either come across your website or those who are referred to you to reach out and connect with you. Plus, we absolutely love working in the psychotherapy community!

Most website providers - even those who focus on the psychotherapy community - do not take the forensic approach that we do. They use cookie-cutter website templates to squeeze in the information that you provide into something that was prefabricated without you and your practice's uniqueness in mind.

Or you can take the DIY approach. Unless you truly know what you are doing, that can be a tedious and difficult task that will likely lack the essential elements that we incorporate into your therapy websites (as many of our clients can attest)! If you knew someone who was showing extreme signs of BPD and had suicidal thoughts, would you refer them to an online do-it-yourself diagnostic and self-therapy website? Of course not! You are the professional. And there is a reason for that. The same applies to what is such a cornerstone to your practice's success: your website. We are the professionals and go above and beyond to "nail it", as we are often told!

We get to know you and your practice. We focus on what really makes you unique and stand out amongst the rest in your industry and location. Then, we utilize our expertise in design and development to create a High-End Custom Designed Website (no prefabricated templates, no cookie-cutter approach, all original designs from scratch!) that truly represents and highlights those things - from the actual design, look, and feel, to the very content. All of those aspects are incorporated with the sole focus of getting potential clients or referrers to contact you in a way that is highly effective.

What's Included

Your High-End, Marketing, Client / Referral-Focused, Custom Designed Website and service includes all the following - with a cost at a fraction of its value!

  • Christopher Malone, owner of Ignite, creates the design and development of every website!
  • Consultation and Planning
  • New, Unique Custom Designed Website
  • Expert Hosting
  • Updates
  • Content Development Assistance and Editing
  • Microsoft 365 HIPAA Compliant Email* and Applications
  • Automatic Technology Updates and Website Monitoring

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* Microsoft 365 is a subscription service provided by Microsoft Corp. One email address is included for FREE with your website, renewable annually at the regular price. Additional subscriptions can be added. This high-quality Exchange-based email service is not HIPAA compliant as-is, but is made HIPAA compliant after adjustments are made by Ignite through Microsoft's HIPAA compliance service.