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Websites for Therapists

Psychologists, Counselors, Psychiatrists, Coaches, Recovery Professionals, and the Behavioral Health World!

websites for therapists

Why Ignite Therapy Sites?

The perfect website is not just a nice thing to have.

It is essential to the success of your practice.

Over 15 years experience in the psychotherapy realm
We act as a partner focused on your success
We take the time to get to understand you, your practice, and your target populations.
Beautifully custom designed and developed to get found and connected

There are scores of web designers, developers, and therapy-focused web services out there! However, it is very hard to match the quality of production, the understanding and knowledge of the psychotherapy community and audience, and the extremely high value of our services. You will receive a fresh, new website that serves as the perfect medium to get those who either come across your website or those who are referred to you to reach out and connect with you. Plus, we absolutely love working in the psychotherapy community!

Most website providers - even those who focus on the psychotherapy community - do not take the forensic approach that we do. They use cookie-cutter website templates to squeeze in the information that you provide into something that was prefabricated without you and your practice's uniqueness in mind.

Or you can take the DIY approach. Unless you truly know what you are doing, that can be a tedious and difficult task that will likely lack the essential elements that we incorporate into our therapy websites.

If you knew someone who was showing extreme signs of bipolar disorder and had suicidal thoughts, would you refer them to an online do-it-yourself diagnostic and self-therapy website? Of course not! You are the professional. The same applies to what is such a cornerstone to your practice's success: your website. We are the professionals and utilize our knowledge, experience and skills to help with your success.

We get to know you and your practice. We focus on what really makes you unique and stand out amongst the rest in your industry and location. Then, we utilize our expertise in design and development to create a high-end custom designed and developed website (no prefabricated templates, no cookie-cutter approach, all original designs from scratch - and all hand coded with the latest most effective technology!) that truly represents and highlights the qualities of your practice. The aesthetics, the feeling it promotes, the content - all of those aspects are incorporated with the sole focus of getting potential clients or referrers to contact you.

What's Included

  • In-depth consultation and planning - In-depth consultation to thoroughly understand you, your clinical focus / specialties, target demographic (populations), and therapy philosophy, and your goals. Your cultural competence may also be relevant. This way we can create a website that grabs attention, fully represents your practice, and encourages contact. Conducted by owner, Christopher Malone.
  • High-end custom designed and developed website - Every website is designed and developed by or project managed by senior developer and owner, Christopher Malone. First draft is completed within two weeks of consultation and content.
  • Content development assistance and editing - Creating content that is your true voice is not necessarily difficult. But making it work for a website (visitors' attention spans are always shrinking!) can be a challenge. We will help with editing and making sure it is effective.
  • Clean, modern, new custom design that conveys trust, confidentiality, professionalism, and competence.
  • YOU own your website - While it may seem obvious that you own your website, that is usually not the case, especially with larger brand website companies. If you decide at any time that you would like to host your website elsewhere, we'll package up the latest code and send it to you!
  • High-speed cloud hosting and fully optimized website - The speed of your website is important for search optimization. Super fast cloud hosting and efficient, minimized coding are an essential part of that. Other enhanced optimization elements are available.
  • Free domain - .com, .org., .net domain, free for the first year for non-premium domains. (Renewable annually.)
  • Responsive mobile-first design - Super fast and easily accessible and user-friendly on all devices, especially mobile phones and tablets.
  • Microsoft 365 HIPAA Compliant Email and Applications - Microsoft 365 Business Satandard subscription, free for the first year. Includes HIPAA compliant Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Meetings, and other premium features. Additional accounts may be added at standard rates.
  • Brand-consistent design - Custom design that aligns with your practice's brand. Important!
  • Consistent technological updates / upgrades - Automatic updates, upgrades, monitoring and maintenance to ensure website is always up-to-date, secure, and functioning smoothly.
  • Updates and edits included - Page updates, graphics content, content edits, additional general pages are all included. Just shoot us an email and we'll take care of the rest!
  • HIPAA compliant forms and data collection
  • Additional enhancements available - Features such as enhanced optimization, online booking, TeleHealth, calendars, live chat, modules, payment gateways and others can be added. (May require an additional fee - just ask!)