Websites for Counselors, Therapists

& the Psychotherapy World.

Whether you are a counselor or therapist who just opened your practice (congratulations!) or you have been in practice for years, the right website, branding and marketing can mean a world of difference to your success. And that is how Ignite Therapy Sites will help you.


Take Your Practice to the Next Level

For nearly 10 years, Ignite Therapy Sites has helped counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and addiction recovery practices grow and become more profitable. We have done this by first getting to know our clients and their practices very well - learning and understanding what makes each one as individuals and as an overall practice unique. Then, we apply that knowledge to our exclusive system created specifically for the world of psychotherapy.

Help as many individuals as possible - while being a successful, profitable practice.

While your focus is on helping as many individuals as possible, ours is on helping increase visibility and awareness through a strong branding and web presence in order to get more clients. Our Custom Websites make a huge difference, allowing our clients to stand out above the rest. Combined with our Branding, such us our Custom Logos, and our expert Internet Marketing and Social Media training, our clients benefit both by being educated and fully armed with a look and presentation that drives potential clients to their websites, keeps them there, and inspires them to connect.

All of those aspects are important. And doing them right is vital to your success. While you are helping your clients and patients as the expert in your field, our job is to be the expert in our field and contribute to that success.

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