Logos, Branding & Print

for ALL Mental Health Experts, including Addiction Recovery, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Coaches and all Psychotherapy Practices.

Stand out professionally with targeted, consistent branding and stand out from the crowd!
Stand out from the crowd.

It all starts with great branding. Before designing your therapist website, your branding needs to be in order. This is everything from your counseling practice logo to your print materials. A unique, custom designed logo is an important part of developing your "brand" (your practice) identity and the starting point. It is vital aspect of your psychotherapy business that will help you stand out amongst the crowd!

Your therapist logo is a creative, graphical, eye-catching representation of you and the personality of your practice. It should never be one of the over-used bulk / cookie-cutter logo-builder logos, as they tend to look unprofessional and "cheap". You do not want that to be the reputation of your pratice! Instead, your logo needs to translate into what you and your practice are all about. It needs to create a feeling - the feeling you want your potential client or patient to have that is consistent with what your practice is focused on.

Once your logo is completed, then all other aspects of design, including your counseling website, and print, should be devloped. That way, there will be brand continuity. The consistent concept, colors, design, look, and feel should go into the creative for your business cards, brochures, postcards, letterhead, etc.

A thoughtful, unique, original logo, created with branding and recognizability in mind will help your practice look professional. It will also be a trigger to help people think of you when they see it. as with any business, it is an essential for anyone taking their psychotherapy practice and growth seriously.

Available Counselor Branding & Print
  • Custom Designed Therapist Logo
  • Custom High Quality Business Cards
  • Counselor Brochures
  • Oversized Marketing Postcards
  • Custom Branded Letterhead & Envelopes
  • Customized High Quality Presentation Folders
  • Branded Coffee Mugs
  • Branded Pens / Pencils
  • Branded or Messaging T-Shirts and Hats
  • Branded Calendars and Magnets