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About Ignite Therapy Sites

No matter how cool the tools are, building your own website - a most important part of your practice - is like someone self-diagnosing and resorting to YouTube videos for therapy. Self-help is great, but for real results, a professional like you is usually crucial. Let Ignite Therapy Sites be your professional and have your back. We help psychotherapy practices stand out in the crowded and ever-changing digital landscape.

about ignite therapy

It is easy to find talented general web designers or website businesses who provide services marketed to behavioral health practices. The challenge is finding one who truly understands the behavioral health / recovery / psychotherapy / coaching industries and the unique approach that must be taken in order to be an invaluable part of a practice's success. What makes Ignite Therapy Sites stand out is our wealth of experience and constant research within the this realm and the way in which we implement our expertise. Our laser focus is on helping each client's practice thrive and we are constantly on the cutting edge of doing so. Christopher Malone, founder of Ignite, either heads every project or, very often, does the work himself, and he is the point person, interacting with every client. He gets to know each client, their goals, the uniqueness of their practice and their target audience. (Plus, he's a lot of fun to work with!) These elements are at the forefront of every service for every client.

The branding, the website, the printed materials - they can only be extremely effective with this approach. This is so important for making an immediate connection with a potential new therapy client. Researching for and connecting with a mental health professional can often be frightening, unnerving, depressing or distressing for an individual. When someone gets to one of our clients' websites, we want them to immediately feel that they are in the right place - that they are in a safe place. A place where they are not judged but that genuine help is there. That they need not look any further. When that first live interaction happens, they feel that they already know the therapist and the personality or "vibe" of the practice - and know that they are in good hands. That's how well the website, branding and printed materials should match that psychotherapist and their practice. That is what we do and why it is important that we take the approach we take.

Ignite Therapy Sites History & Inspiration

When Christopher launched Ignite Websites Marketing & Graphic Design back in 2005, the goal was to help small business with their website needs, as well as helping them with their online marketing and branding. (Christopher holds degrees in Linguistics and Computer Science (senior developer - full stack web design and development and several programming languages) with over 20 years in graphic design, internet and brand marketing. Christopher worked with Google on the development of Google Translate.) Having done the corporate thing and owned small businesses, he wanted to bring to small businesses the expertise and resources that mostly large companies had - but affordably and with intense attention to detail.

In 2007, he began work with his first behavioral health client. It was a lot of fun and the results were fantastic. This client referred him to others, and the referrals continued. Over time, his system was perfected (and is still constantly being perfected) and psychotherapy practitioners from around the country were contacting him. His love for and understanding of this field grew. The clients are amazing and his passion for helping helping practices grow and flourish has expanded from there.

That is why Ignite Therapy Sites was launched. The plan was not originally to become passionate about an industry and clients whose mission is to help others - an entire service devoted to counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and all behavioral health professionals. It would be hard to find anyone with the skill-set that Christopher brings, with his intimate knowledge of how to expertly showcase his clients' practices, as well as how to market in what can be a very competitive industry. Knowing how to help practices stand out above the crowd and be able to help people to quickly see how a particular psychotherapist is unique is a skill that very few have. And very few have the ability to execute such services in a manner that is so focused on the clients' success.

This service and the system used requires that we fully understand our client from a personal level, such as who they are and what their practice goals are, to understanding some of the nuances of that particular practice. What makes that practice truly unique? What do we want potential psychotherapy clients to know about the counselor that will encourage them to become a client? Understanding these details enables us to provide extraordinary service with fantastic results.

Most of our clients are considered small businesses (yes, we work with large companies too, but our love is really with the smaller practices that are just getting started or established ones that are expanding and benefit from our support). We are a small business too, so we get it. We align ourselves with our clients, acting as partners focused on doing what we do best. We hope you enjoy our website and learning a bit more about us. We look forward to providing a highly effective service that helps take your practice to the next level!

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