About Ignite Therapy Sites

The Custom Websites, Graphic Design, and Marketing for Psychotherapists Experts

It wasn't exactly planned...

When Christopher Malone started what is now Ignite Websites Marketing & Graphic Design back in 2005, the goal was to help small business with their internet needs, as well as helping them with their online marketing and branding. As a web expert and also a marketing, graphic design and operations pro (Christopher's education is in linguistics, computer science (Internet technology / web design), graphic design, internet marketing and brand marketing), he wanted to bring to small businesses what mostly large companies had - but affordably and with intentse attention to detail. That was going extremely well!

Then in 2007, he began work with his first psychotherapist client. The results were so profound that this client referred him to others. Over time, his system was perfected (and is still constantly being perfected) and psychotherapy practitioners from around the country were seeking him out. And his love and understanding of this field grew. The clients are amazing and his love of helping see practices grow and flourish has expanded from there.

That is why Ignite Therapy Sites was launched. No, it was not the original plan, to become one of the most sought-after services of this type that focuses on the psychotherapy industry. And to absolutely fall in love with and industry and clients whose mission is to help others. It certainly has become a very fulfilling and exciting journey. An entire service devoted to counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and all psychotherapy professionals. It would be hard to find anyone with the skill-set that Christopher brings, with his intimate knowledge of how to expertly showcase his clients' practices, as well as how to market in what can be a very competitive industry. Knowing how to help practices stand out above the crowd and able people to quickly see how a particular psychotherapist is unique is a skill that very few have. And very few have the ability to execute such services in a manner that is so focused on the clients' success.

This service and the system used requires that we fully understand our client from a personal level, such as who they are and what their practice goals are, to understanding some of the nuances of that particular practice. What makes that practice truly unique? What do we want potential psychotherapy clients to know about the particular psychotherapist that will encourage them to become a client? Knowing so much about our clients enables us to provide extraordinary service with fantastic results.

Most of our clients are considered small businesses (yes, we have done work for large companies too, but our love is really with the smaller practices that are just getting started or those that have been around for a while that are truly ready to take off and grow to the next level), we are a small business too. So we get it. We take the approach of becoming part of the team and focusing on what we do best from a marketing and business sense - while our psychotherapists concentrate on their skills which are to help their clients.

We hope you enjoy our website and learning a bit more about us. And we look forward to providing a highly effective service that helps take your practice to the next level!