Internet Marketing & Social Media

Simplifying Internet Marketing and Social Media for Mental Health Experts. Get Found Online!

Google? Social Media? Are you able to be found by your potential clients or patients?
internet marketing for counselors
A website, a Facebook page and a listing is not all it takes.
As a counselor, therapist, psychologist or other mental health expert, you provide a vital service. Your clients, patients, their loved ones or referrers must be able to find you to get the help they need. And for your practice to be a success.

Internet Marketing includes proper optimization of your website for the search engines, especially Google. An essential part of getting substantial results is through the effective use of Social Media, Blogging, and other ways to reach out to your potential clients or patients. We help you strategize and execute your Internet Marketing plans so you can be discovered and connect with those who need you!

Social Media Implementation, Strategies and Bootcamp

Social Media Implementation. Never before has the importance of Social Media been so high in relation to your success online. It's not enough to simply "be" on Facebook or Twitter or any of the other social networks. There are specific strategies that must be used to ensure your success. We can implement those strategies for you and continue to do so, as one option.

Social Media Bootcamp. OR... we can teach you how to do it on your own. The "bootcamp" includes one-hour training consultations for a period of 5 weeks. You will learn how to utilize social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogging techniques specific to your psychotherapy practice! Training can be over the phone, through video conference, or in person.

Another Option... Optimized Content Writing & Editing! When creating your website content, extra attention needs to be paid to how it is written, as you are now writing for two audiences: your potential clients or patients and the search engines. For example, placement of keywords into your content are necessary to give you that boost in the search engines. There is a technique to all of this. Add this service to ensure it's done right and take the burden off your hands!

Other Important Services Included to Help Your Practice

(A bunch of techy stuff that's confusing, but necessary. Don't worry. We take care of it!)

Keyword research and implementation. An important part of optimizing your website is including the correct "metatag keywords". This is a list of words that folks are likely to enter into the search engines in order to find your website. The most popular and most relevant ones need to be programmed into your website to tell the search engines "Hey! This is what I'm about!" The search engines appreciate this (when it is done properly). We continually research the best keywords for your website and program them onto each page of your website.

Search engine submissions. We perform a highly efficient submission of your website to all of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), relevant minor search engines, indices, and related site listing websites such as industry-specific listing websites.

Technology updates. The programming methods used to build your website are very important for this service. As technology is always improving, there may be times that crucial technological updates are needed for your website. Many do not realize that ignoring technical updates could actually be a detriment to their website' search engine rankings. Well, now you are not one of those people. Those updates are done for you behind the scenes.

Software and Standards. The major search engines (aka, Google) are constantly changing their software and standards that they use to give websites their rankings on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). We are fortunate enough to be on the cutting-edge of information and technology changes that could potentially adversely affect your website. When new standards are implemented or there are software changes that can affect your rankings, any necessary changes, if any, are made to your website.

Backlinking. The more quality websites that have a link back to a page on your website, the better. The search engines put a lot of clout in websites that are listed by others, as it is assumed that your website is thus an authoritative one. However, not just any links from websites are helpful. Links from popular, well-visited websites that link back to yours are what is most important. That is one of the reasons linking from social media websites is so important! Good, quality websites linking to yours is extremely helpful. We constantly seeking out the best websites on which to get backlinked and work to get you on them.

Regular reviews. Regular reviews of your website are performed. That way, we are able to maintain your website's good standing in the search engines, make any changes that may be necessary to help it, or make recommendations that you may need to do on your end to help improve your website's visibility or maintain its great ranking.

Google Analytics and other software can be used to track the success of your website. Know where your visitors are coming from, what search terms they are using, and how they interact with your website. Qualify the success of your website and marketing.